Initial Certification

WrapMaster, Inc. recommends the installation of the PermaWrap™ and WeldWrap™ Pipe Reinforcement Systems be made, ONLY by Certified Installers.

Installer: 1 day course (classroom & hands-on) at the Customer’s or WrapMaster’s Facility. This level of training provides application techniques for various scenarios and general product knowledge. The Installer must stay current by re-certification. Please see our re-certification guidelines below.


Installer re-certification is recommended annually, 12 months from the last certification date. Please review your Company Procedures and/or Operator Qualification requirements for specific re-certification intervals. In no case shall the re-certification interval exceed 18 months from the last certification date. Re-certification may be accomplished by a thorough review of the PermaWrap™ / WeldWrap™ installation procedures and successfully completing the written re-certification exam.

If the installer fails to re-certify during this 18-month period, the installer certification will expire 18 months from the last re-certification date. In this case the installer must attend a new certification class.

We recommended the applicant use the PermaWrap™ Installation Manual during the re-certification examination. It is very important the applicant have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the correct procedures necessary to apply the PermaWrap™ / WeldWrap™ composite reinforcement systems correctly and safely. If the applicant has any questions or does not understand a procedure, please consult your Certified Trainer or contact a WrapMaster representative for assistance. A minimum score of 80% is required in order to attain re-certification.

Instructions: (1) Download the Installation Manual and Certification / Re-certification Exam. (2) Read the instructions at the top of the Exam and fill-in the necessary applicant information requested. (3) Review the PermaWrap™ / WeldWrap™ documentation thoroughly and complete the exam. (4) Print the Certification / Re-certification Exam for your records. (5) Fax, mail or scan and email the completed examinations to the address below. (6) Text a solid background selfie photo (hats are fine, please no sun-glasses) to 281-330-5487 and include your full name with the photo.  You may also email photo to (7) A WrapMaster representative will review the exam and update the Installer’s Certification date in the WrapMaster database of Certified Installer’s.

PermaWrap / WeldWrap Manual
PermaWrap / WeldWrap Exam
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