“The Ultimate Wet-Wrap”

Designed for the repair of pipe wall defects associated with corrosion and/or “blunt” external wall loss.

PermaGlass Kit:

  • PermaGlass– has been tested and certified to meet or exceed ASME PCC-2 and ISO 24817 standards by a 3rd party engineering firm.
  • PermaGlass– uses a superior laminate construction with proven materials to form a high tensile strength fiberglass wrap for the structural reinforcement of external defects to piping.
  • PermaGlass – uses a two-part proprietary Non-Hazmat solvent free epoxy adhesive to bond the material to the pipe surface and to each composite layer to form a monolithic structure.
  • PermaGlass – Installation Accessory Kit provides all items to properly apply the PermaGlass System with minimal additional tooling.
  • PermaGlass – can be used to restore all pipe diameters.
  • PermaGlass – kits come with 50′ of 14″ wide fabric to “cut to size” for ease of use.


  • Corrosion Defects
  • Blunt Dents and Gouges
  • Bends, Elbows and Tees
  • Corrosion at Pipe Supports
  • Vertical & Horizontal Piping
  • Marine Coating
  • Applies and cures underwater